Tips to buying clothes that fit

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Assalamualaikum wbt..
Today i wanna share a very informative to you how to buying clothes that fits to our body.. Check it out..

👕 Understand clothes design - Every garment will fit differently because of the designer, pattern and manufacturer. What may be a size 8 in one brand may be a size 6 or 10 in another. Keep this in your mind, and bring more than one size into the dressing room.

👕 Do some research - Learn what styles look best for your physique. Thos can be learnt through trial and error, so do try on some clothes and don't just grab and buy.

👕 Try several sizes of the same clothing brand and design - Even if you think that you are a different size, your eyes are better at judging what looks good. In general, shopping now becomes more about your personal body size, and not the manufacturer's sizing. 

👕 Try a larger size for an appropriate length and width - Just because it is larger does not mean it is unflattering. If it looks good on, and you can move in it well, that is what counts.

👕 Plan on making a few simple alterations - If the item is a little too big (remember that on the whole, you cannot make something too small, bigger). Some ways to change clothes that are too large includes ;
  • Move the buttons over for a better fit. (This is one time when a smaller garment may become a little bigger, but not much).

  • Add a belt to create a smaller waist-line.

  • Take in the side seams.
  • Shorten sleeves and hemlines.
👕 Bring a friend that you can trust to shopping - Ask for their opinion, because it is best to have a trusted friend, who won't be swayed by the brand name or sizing.

👕 Ask an employee of the store for a second opinion - In here position, you have to be more careful, as they have a reason to tell you that something looks good even if it doesn't, and they don't want to discourage you from buying. 

👕 Use a full length mirror - This gives the best overall vision for good judgement. Only seeing parts of your body can distort your final look.

👕 Be sure of the colour and fabric - This can be difficult in some changing rooms which use poor lighting. So ask the assistant if you can view the garment in natural light, either by a window or outdoors.

👕 Try on something new - If you feel that your fashion style is becoming a little too tired. Follow all the steps outlined to make sure the new style suits your figure.

Be sure a new garment coordinates with your existing wardrobe. There is nothing more time wasting and demoralising than buying clothes that don't work with your existing wardrobe.

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  1. Good sharing sis. Apa pun. Kita sendiri yang lebih tau psal badan kita dari org lain :) So tips yang kak shikin kasi mmg la sgt berguna untuk seseorang tu identify

    ika datang singgah sini

  2. sha kalau nak beli baju mesti bawak orang temankan haha


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