18th September 2011

10:49 PM

Hari ini aku mahu bercerita tentang siri drama yang menjadi kegemaran aku pada hari Jumaat malam dan aku sememangnya amat menyukai siri drama ini... Drama Jepun ini berjudul "My Boys" lakonan Horikita Maki, Kaname Jun,Okada Yoshinori, Mukai Osamu, Yamamoto Yusuke, Okayama Tomoki, Kusakari Masao. Berikut adalah sipnosis mengenai drama Jepun yang aku minati ini... 

Maki Horikita stars as Chisato Mineta, a 20-year-old homeless girl who moves about from parks to net cafes. Her mother died of illness, and when her father disappears after earning an incredible 100 million Yen debt, she is chased out of her home. Chisato spends her life running from debt collectors, but one day, she meets the president of a huge toy company who agrees to pay off her debts and then tricks her into marrying him. She then finds out that he only has one month to live. If she stays married him then she doesn't have to pay back the debt but if she leaves then all the money has to be returned.
A month later, she finds out that the president actually has more conditions than to just being his wife. She must also live with his six sons; all adopted as successors to the company by the president. However, each son has hidden himself away from the rest of the family—and none are eager to welcome their new mother. Will Chisato be able to open up their hearts and turn these strangers into a loving family?

Chisato Mineta (峯田 千里 Mineta Chisato?)
20 years old. Chisato lost her mother to illness at a young age. Her father, an impulsive gambler, has disappeared, leaving her with a 100 million Yen debt. After marrying Shinzo Okura, she becomes the stepmother of his six sons. *SPOILER* Over time, she comes to get along with all six sons, but later discovers that she is actually Shinzo's daughter and that she was never legally his wife. Chisato seems to have a crush on Sho Okura after episode 7. Portrayed by Maki Horikita (堀北 真希 Horikita Maki?).
Yutaka Kokudo (国土 豊 Kokudo Yutaka?)
Works at a Net Cafe. He has a crush on Chisato and is always helping her with her problems. Portrayed by Takeshi Tsuruno (つるの 剛士 Tsuruno Takeshi?).
Template:Mineta Toru
He is Chisato's father. He racked up a 100 million Yen debt and ran away, leaving Chisato to deal with the debt. *spoiler* It is revealed that he gambled to raise money to pay for Chisato's mother's medical bills. He truly loves Chisato's mother. |[[Tsurumi Shingo ]|鶴見辰吾|Tsurumi Shingo}}.

Ōkura Household

Fū Ōkura (大蔵 風 Ōkura Fū?)
30-years-old. The first son, Fū is a free person, but unemployed. His real father is Shinzo Okura. His mother was a hostess at a bar, so his father could not publicly reveal that Fū was his son. At one point, Fū wanted Chisato to become his girlfriend, but the real purpose of it was to keep his many girlfriends at bay. He has fifty different licenses, including one for boxing. Portrayed by Jun Kaname (要 潤 Kaname Jun?).
Takeru Ōkura (大蔵 猛 Ōkura Takeru?)
27 years old. The second son, Takeru is a member of a delinquent bike gang, yet is kind-hearted. When Chisato was being bullied by kids inside of her tent, Takeru came to her rescue, albeit not knowing it was Chisato he was helping at the time. Originally, Takeru believed that his father wanted him to become Shinzo's son so that Takeru could inherit money and send it to his father, but in time, it becomes apparent that was not the real reason why Takeru's father sent him to the Okura household. Portrayed by Yoshinori Okada (岡田 義徳 Okada Yoshinori?).
Sho Ōkura (大蔵 翔 Ōkura Shō?)
25 years old. The third son, Sho works as a host who moves from establishment to establishment to maintain his status as number one host based on his outward appearance and his conversational abilities. Initially living outside the Ōkura household, he cares for Riki, his son, and works as door-to-door salesman at day and as host in night. He is the mastermind of the Ōkura brothers. Sho began to have feelings toward Chisato after Episode 7, particularly after they accidentally kissed. He revealed his true feelings when he kissed her of his own will in Episode 8. Portrayed by Osamu Mukai (向井 理 Mukai Osamu?).
Masaru Ōkura (大蔵 優 Ōkura Masaru?)
22 years old. The fourth son, Masaru is the charismatic model of an exclusive magazine. He is very popular among the ladies, but something in his past caused him to have a phobia of women. Because his parents died after rescuing from a fire when he went in to retrieve a toy, he believes that he killed them. His sister also survived. Masaru develops feelings toward Chisato after curing his phobia of women. Portrayed by Yusuke Yamamoto (山本 裕典 Yamamoto Yūsuke?).
Satoru Ōkura (大蔵 智 Ōkura Satoru?)
17 years old. The fifth son, Satoru is a high school student and seems to be one of the more aggressive brothers. At a young age, he was marked as a genius magician, but because of something in his past, he locked himself up in his room for a year. Eventually, Chisato lured him outside, and after a few episodes, he started to develop feelings for her. Portrayed by Koji Seto (瀬戸 康史 Seto Kōji?).
Akira Ōkura (大蔵 明 Ōkura Akira?)
12 years old. The sixth son. He is extremely intelligent and has no interest in the family inheritance because he makes plenty of money via the stock market. He always falls asleep at exactly nine P.M. In one episode, he entered a contest so that his mom could find him on her birthday. Although she was able to see him on television, his mom was leaving Japan and could not meet him. He is the only one of the six sons who actually feels Chisato is his mother,Portrayed by Tomoki Okayama (岡山 智樹 Okayama Tomoki?).

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