McDonald’s Malaysia introduces the Mexicana Chicken Burger as second offering under the Discover the World Campaign

Saturday, July 28, 2018

The exotic and tantalizing tastes of Latin America has now reached our shores as McDonald’s introduces the Mexicana Chicken Burger - the second offering under McDonald’s annual Discover the World campaign. The first menu item of the campaign was kicked off by the Rio Burger last month and now, it brings the taste of the Mexicana Chicken Burger.

The extra-large crispy chicken patty generously drizzled with special tomato mayo and tangy jalapeno sauce for a tinge of spiciness is reminiscent of the traditional flavours of Mexico. The Mexicana Chicken Burger is also topped with a celebratory mix of red capsicum, lettuce, tomatoes and delicious white cheddar cheese. Sandwiched between a shiny glazed bun, this medley of flavours is guaranteed to give Malaysians that extra Latino kick.

The annual McDonald’s Discover the World campaign has always brought the sights, sounds and tastes of different places from around the globe to McDonald’s Malaysia fans. As Malaysians always crave rich flavours from McDonald’s offerings, they will not be disappointed as the Mexicana Chicken Burger will surely bring a fresh, Latino flavour to tantalize their taste buds.

McDonald’s Malaysia Chief Marketing Officer, Melati Abdul Hai said the Mexicana Chicken Burger as the second offering under the Discover the World campaign will give fans a glimpse of the tastes of another country, this time Mexico, bringing them beyond the familiar palate of Malaysia.

“As we did with the Rio Burger, we want to bring unique and undoubtedly explosive flavours during this exciting journey to enable Malaysians savour the taste of another country. The Discover the World campaign enables us to bring these exciting international flavours to our restaurants,” she said.

As with any new and existing menu item, McDonald’s takes pride in its food preparation at every touchpoint – from farm to supplier to its kitchen and finally to its customers. McDonald’s believes that good food goes beyond simply good taste. Besides feeling good eating McDonald’s food, customers can also be assured of the freshest produce and best quality ingredients as well as compliance with Halal and stringent food hygiene standards.

The Mexicana Chicken Burger is priced at RM15.95 for a medium set and RM12.50 ala carte.

In addition to the Mexicana Chicken Burger, McDonald’s is also introducing for the first time an all-new dual filling dessert -- the Strawberry Custard Pie, a fruity strawberry filling with creamy custard encased in a warm crispy pie. The Strawberry Custard Pie is priced at RM3.30.

Making a return to fans of McDonald’s array of desserts is the Strawberry Cone. It will cater to fans of strawberry-flavoured soft serve sundae as well as for those yearning another flavour besides the popular vanilla and chocolate soft serve sundaes. The Strawberry Custard Pie and Strawberry Cone are sure to be crowd-pleasers especially among dessert-lovers who crave for fresh twists on old favourites.

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