Miss you Hitam!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rite now is was a year that my lovely Hitam had passed away...I'm still so sad but the Bulat can replace him...Well, is was similiar like Hitam but Bulat is very cute and his fur was so dense,like a teddy bear... I am really love him most becoz he was understand what I'm saying...I'm really sad when Hitam died...His face is very cute, isn't it? Ya Allah, how i miss him so much...He was so nice to me and in his last breathe before he died, he was cried and im not sure for what reason he cried...Hitam, a cat flew away from my hometown Kuala Terengganu, died at 8th December 2009, Saturday at 11.00 am... Im miss you, Hitam...May Allah blesses your soul...

So, guys...I'm presenting my lovely cat BULAT....Isn't he look like Hitam???hehehe,most of important for him is he always like lie down when i was watching TV...hehehe and sometimes he like to running all over the house,from the front house to the backyard and then running again and again and again...He will not stop until he was tired to running,then he lie down and sleep...hehehehe...That is what he do for everyday.... Sometimes he will tease me while I'm busy with cooking...Wherever i go, he must be following me....And sometimes without any purpose i was to step on his tail....hehehehe...Bulat oooo Bulat....that is a tagline when i was called him and he will reply with this word...meoowwwww.....


  1. Ada pengganti tetapi yang pergi akan diingati dalam kenangan.
    Saya tidak pernah bela kucing.

  2. saya rindu kucing saya...sampai sekarang saya takde kucing..saya ada ayam je...nama ayam saya Raphaelgelo...hehehe kelas gitu

  3. siapa je yang tak sedih kalau haiwan peliharaan mati. T.T but kucing akak mmg comel hehe


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