Diari harian

11:53 AM

Congratulations to all the football players for winning the Suzuki AFF Cup....And tomorrow (31st December) is a public holiday... Thank you to our Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Najib Abd. Razak for the announcement...And tomorrow is a last day of the year 2010....The day after tomorrow, is a day of beginning of the year 2011...My purpose for next year is,.....NOTHING...Actually i don't like to plan something for a long term, i'm afraid that i couldn't accomplish what i've plan...BUT i will try my best to do something good in my life,my marriage and my day....WELCOME 2011 and GODDBYE 2010...

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4 lovely notes

  1. Teringat ketika Malaysia menang, liputan pasukan kita memang hebat.

  2. dasyat Malaysia time ni...power tul..

  3. wah ni throwback betul ni. tak sangka ya.hehe goodjob Malaysia


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