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2:52 PM

Today, i was so sad becoz we are leaving the year of 2010 and the year of 2011 will be coming soon. There is so many memories in this year that i want to remember and forget...But the life must go on... In the year 2011, i wanna go to honeymoon with my lovely hubby and i hope that my dream will become true...hehehe, let us pray for that day come true....2010, goodbye to you and welcome 2011..... 

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3 lovely notes

  1. Dapat tidak pergi bulan madu 2011?

  2. akhirnya kita kini di 2020..laju masa bergerak

  3. sangat pantas masa berlalu. kita sudah berada di pertengahan 2020 :) Alhamdulillah


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